AssetArmor™ is an Alberta-based, Canadian made product line which encompasses abrasion and corrosion protection solutions. It is the culmination of over 40 years of development, manufacturing experience, and product offering, leveraging global supply chain expertise and local manufacturing.   ​

By amalgamating our existing and newly derived corrosion and abrasion products from the CS Wear Technologies and Universal Weld Overlays (UWO) divisions under this one product line, it demonstrates the full breadth of our solutions.​

The newly branded product suite provides our clients with a collaborative, solutions-based approach to extending and defending the life of our clients’ most critical assets.  With a dedicated research, development, and innovation team, we continue to develop and release new products to further meet the needs of industrial applications and markets we serve. ​

The AssetArmor™ products we are proud to offer to clients include: ​

  • Next Generation Chromium Carbide Overlay (AssetArmor™CCO): This product reimagines the performance of chromium carbide overlay boasting enhanced wear performance including improved abrasion resistance, AssetArmor™hardness, and better impact resistance.​
  • New Generation Chromium Carbide Overlay (AssetArmorC3): This complex CCO harnesses the power of carbides and borides into a hard matrix to exceed industry’s impact resistance, hardness, and abrasion resistance requirements.​
  • Nanoscale Overlay (AssetArmor™NANO): A new impact resistant wear overlay capable of an 80% improvement in impact resistance while also increasing matrix hardness and maintaining abrasion resistance.​
  • Corrosion Resistant Overlay (CRA): We offer over 300 CRA weld procedure combinations suitable to a wide variety of applications.​
  • Tungsten Carbide Overlay (WCO): Engineered for complex spool fabrication in heavy wear, high flow applications.​
  • Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM): Our relationship with Spartan Controls and Emerson creates a joint wear monitoring solution for AssetArmor™.​
  • Field Repair Services: With support from ClearStream, Flint, and Universal Weld Overlay (UWO), we offer comprehensive pull-through field services across western Canada.​

asset armor blog 1AssetArmor™ is an Alberta-based, vertically integrated product manufacturer.  Our hardfacing welding consumables are produced at our own wire mill facility in Lloydminster, AB. We then utilize these consumables to manufacture our wear resistant AssetArmor™ line at our Sherwood Park, AB facility. Our corrosion resistant overlay line is manufactured in Airdrie, AB. Our Research and Development team actively researches and develops increasingly sophisticated welding consumables, fabrication configurations, and corrosion resistant overlay offerings, with the goal of extending the operational lifetime of components for our clients. ​

AssetArmor™ products reduce the total cost of ownership of our clients’ most valuable assets by increasing the number of service hours and decreasing the frequency of replacement.  Our fit for purpose product solutions extend the life of key asset components, resulting in achievement of maintenance interval targets avoiding unscheduled, costly in-service repairs.​

To learn more about the products we offer and connect with one of our knowledgeable team members, contact us today.​