ClearStream’s Wear Technologies Overlay (WTO) team recently achieved one million recordable injury-free hours. This milestone is comprised of over three years of continuous positive safety performance.​

The Wear Technologies business started in 2008 and has grown to operate four facilities including our shop in Sherwood Park, a stainless facility at Flint Sherwood Park, Universal Weld Overlays (UWO) in Airdrie, and our Wire Mill in Lloydminster which produces the wire necessary in WTO processes. All these facilities collectively manufacture and distribute abrasion and corrosion protection products used in our AssetArmorTM product line.  Wear Technologies operates between 250,000 to 350,000 work hours annually with between 100 to 150 workers at any given time.​

The WTO team implemented various proactive measures to support the safety of all employees and pivoted in several areas that helped us reach this milestone.  Additional personal protective equipment was provided for employees, safe work procedures were updated, and additional training for managers and supervisors was completed.  Our shops were restructured by adding additional engineered safety features such as additional safety guards on equipment, redesign of workstations, and overall shop layout at all locations.​

To achieve this milestone, a conscious decision was made by WTO to make the shift from a safety-reactive to a safety-proactive organization with the intention of preventing incidents.  Leadership was instrumental in reaching this milestone by demonstrating a willingness to continually adjust processes and adopt new safety practices.  ​

The WTO leadership team committed to a monthly meeting to:​

  • review key safety performance indicators organization-wide; ​
  • increase team engagement; and​
  • Identify ways to successfully affect a safety-first culture for all employees.​

This safety-focused approach was developed with an employees-first mindset at all organizational levels. Leadership regularly attends all company sites, experiencing the top-down safety culture first-hand, identifying potential hazards to help prevent injuries before they occur.   ​

“We are very proud of the WTO team in achieving this monumental safety milestone.  This achievement is a testament to their relentless pursuit of safety excellence in every task we do - every day. The effective planning, processes, communication, teamwork and leadership have all attributed to ensuring that all team members go home safely every day.” – Barry Card, Chief Executive Officer.​

All these safety measures and procedures, in combination with leadership’s support, have helped WTO achieve over three years – one million hours – injury-free. ​

Please join us as an organization in celebrating this accomplishment.